I was contacted by the concerned parents of a sweet 8-year-old girl named Lowri, who had developed a stutter three years previously. She had been receiving speech therapy with absolutely no effect, and in fact, her parents had noticed that her stutter had been worsening over the past few months.

During our sessions, we released many Trapped Emotions, including a Heart-Wall, that all related to a particular period of time in which there had been heated arguments between the parents. More recently Lowri’s teenage brother had become moody and disrespectful, which was again causing tension.

The parents were astounded by the effects from the very first session. The morning after, Lowri woke up later than usual but was full of energy. She started speaking effortlessly with no stutter! Lowri’s teacher at school was quick to comment and wondered what her parents had been doing at home. The whole family subsequently attended for individual sessions with a view to improving harmony within their home, and they are loving the effects!

Lowri has been delighted that her speech continues to be relaxed and flows with ease. She says she feels ‘happy and free’ and has started to paint and draw the most lovely images. So many blessings!