This past year I had breathing problems that seemed like asthma. At first, I thought it was an allergy but tests didn’t show anything. I didn’t want to use an inhaler so I tried some natural methods to see if I could fix the problem. They helped but it wasn’t until I used The Emotion Code that my breathing really started getting better.

I’d just gone through a very emotionally intense period in my life and the emotions that I’d trapped during that time were affecting my breathing. After doing several sessions on myself, my breathing problems gradually stopped and I haven’t had any problems since!

I really feel that the Emotion Code saved my life. It “healed” the true cause of my breathing problems so that I can live a free, happy life, without having to rely on an inhaler for what might have been the rest of my life.

Another additional blessing to releasing those trapped emotions is that I am now free from my emotional baggage from that time, so I am happier, more loving, and more self-confident!

~ Anonymous