The Emotion Code® has blessed our family in many ways. I received my Emotion Code Certification in the spring after seeing how much it helped me and our kids with a gluten allergy. This year my husband, Dee, was looking into having knee surgery on his meniscus. He had been having knee pain for a while and it kept getting worse. The pain was at about a seven or eight. He could not kneel for prayer very easily, jog or run or play basketball. He wanted to play basketball again and that is why he was looking into having the surgery.

I was supportive of him moving forward to help his knee. We went into the orthopedic doctor for the initial visits. We paid about $500 just for these two visits. About that same time, I remembered you saying that The Emotion Code can fix many different problems. The Spirit whispered to me to try working on Dee’s knee. So I asked him to give me three half-hour sessions before he scheduled the surgery. He reluctantly agreed.

We have done two sessions so far and he can kneel again, jog, run and play basketball. Occasionally he still complains of pain at about a two or three and some knee popping. I reply that I still have one more session. Then we will see how it is doing. He is not planning on having the surgery anymore. It would have cost us at least another $2,000. We feel so blessed.

Thank you for sharing your intelligence with us. God bless you.

~Jill Winegar, Idaho, USA

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