Three friends and I volunteer at Animal House, a no-kill shelter in Fort Collins, Colorado. We do energy work and The Emotion Code on the dogs Monday afternoons. Some of the dogs have been abused, are stressed to be in the shelter and we don’t have much history on them. A lot of dogs at the shelter are what we call, “Shut Down”: Disconnected, tails between their legs, shaking, in fear and in survival mode. This story is about a dog named Gracie who was “Shut Down.”

Gracie is a cattle dog mix. She got out of her enclosure and was missing for five days. She had been sleeping in barns and the weather was very cold. When she was found she was in a very fearful state. She was already fearful due to past abuse and she was in such a state of shock that you could not approach her without her having an accident.

The first day we worked on her with a surrogate dog and did The Emotion Code by proxy. The emotions were fear, panic and abandonment as well as a Heart-Wall. The next week we worked on her again. Shock, fear and panic were released and from her body and her Heart-Wall. She started to come out of her fear stance, stopped shaking, looked around and started leaning against me.

We continue to work with Gracie, when she is at the shelter or by proxy if she is at home with a foster. She is learning to trust, still has some fear of men, but has become more relaxed and more connected and aware of her surroundings. With time she will learn to trust and will make a great companion. We are so thankful for The Emotion Code process. We are finding that the dogs at Animal House are shifting faster and the dogs we work on are adopted the week we work on them. Most dogs only need one or two sessions and they are free to be happy and connected and find their forever homes.

Elizabeth Carroll ~ Fort Collins, CO

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