At first, I started using The Emotion Code about myself. I was very ill, every 2 weeks being in the hospital with heart problems, having also a lot of pain from my gall blatter (stones). Also having a lot of pain in my feet, having 4 years bone spurs. I did everything imaginable to get rid of it, but no success. Now my pain is over, it got less by working at the emotions, but since 4 February at the workshop Dr. Brad gave in Switzerland, where I attended, the pain is gone. My heart is a lot more at ease. I went since last November, only once to the hospital. My gallbladder, I also did a cleansing, gives no more troubles.
My husband, has had also a lot of complaints, is doing now much better. He works less hours and feels a lot better. He had an infarct in his left eye. He did recover very fast. He had burn-out complaints, could stay working and now feels a lot better, started to live healthy, as did I.
I have a friend Ger, who had pain in her left shoulder. We discovered it had to do with a scene from her youth. The pain instantly went away and did not come back.

~Marlies Tillmans-Dresschers