“The Emotion Code is one of the important modalities that must be used to help reduce the need for Western medicine and drug treatment.” – Philip C. La Puma

“Energy medicine makes it “easy” to move blockages and is wonderfully effective. As the population catches onto this, I believe that we will see a lot more people “healing themselves” and no longer turning to medications.” – Gwen B Rietze

“I see energy medicine becoming more accepted, eventually even among the medical profession.” – Susan Giangiulio

“The future of energy medicine is just starting. There is a big future for energy medicine and specifically for The Emotion Code and The Body Code as awareness is rising.” – Angélica Amaral

“I see energy medicine headed to the forefront of all types of “healing”. Up until lately, we have looked at it as being ” WOWO” or spooky, because we did not understand it. Now quantum science is here to prove it to us that it WORKS!!” – Sheila Langlois

“The future of energy medicine is heading to a bigger and more understood presence as the new generations of children are more sensitive to energy.” – Carole Franques

“Energy medicine is not yet mainstream because of all the efforts the conventional medicine puts in keeping it hidden and in discrediting it, but its effectiveness is unquestionable and what will make it mainstream is the word of mouth of people who experience it.” – Estela Davila

“My hope and vision for the future is that we can all embrace the knowledge that everything has vibration and that we need to work with this vibrational energy first.” – Christine Danyi

“Energy healing is positive and powerful! It is really tapping into our unlimited possibilities for potential and healing on all levels. It is the new frontier!” – Susanne Weiss

“I see the future of all medicine being energy medicine. Energy is all there really is.” – Allison Hauley

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“When we think about the number of people taking anti-depressants and other drugs today, and we see what was possible in this young lady’s life, I would say that energy medicine may well be THE future of medicine.” – Joan Hughes

“We will all be healing ourselves using our innate healing abilities and using these gifts with one another — creating a greater sense of community. We are in the process of becoming a conscious humanity – now that’s exciting!” – Annette Janover

“If energy healing is expanding in the world, like it is in my family, it is going to help heal this unhappy world and be here to stay.” – Judy 0’Dywer

“the interest and desperation of people will increase and their understanding of the logical interconnection of cause and effect in healthcare will definitely tempt traditional patients to open up to less invasive and more natural ways of healing.” – Susanne Brutscher

“I believe one day energy medicine won’t even be called that as it will just be common sense to us all to keep our energy as clear as possible.” – Lindsay Hopper

“I see energy medicine working with westernized medicine to help patients find more effective healing.” – Susan Bell

“As the understanding of the power of energy medicine reaches critical mass, people will seek out energy practitioners to the point that all health care providers will have to embrace energy methodologies or fail to compete in the marketplace.” – Forrest Samnik

“I believe that we will get to the point where energy medicine is accepted as a valuable partner to Westernised medicine, just as Chiropractic / Osteopathy and Acupuncture are now.” – Hazel Markou

“There will be more demand as there is no limit in energy medicine.” – Kaeko Nakagawa

“I believe that the time is not far, when society in general, will see energy harmonizing and healing techniques as a natural part of social life and education.” – Alina Voronova

“I see energy medicine becoming the primary intervention of the future. People are beginning to realize that they are made up of much more than what is visible to the eye.” – Angela Hanna

“I see a bright future on the horizon for energy medicine! The collective consciousness of the planet is just now waking up. People are starting to understand that everything is energy, and energy is everything.” – Kimberly Burke

*Discover The Emotion Code and The Body Code