One of my female clients had to meet her ex-husband eight years after their divorce for their son’s wedding. She felt very weak, nauseous and anxious about this event, as the divorce process had been rather traumatic for her.

On the day before her trip she finally agreed to try to let go of her insecurity and the feeling of defeat she still carried within. But rather than dealing with the emotion which she felt on the surface, The Emotion Code came up with a surprising number of other issues for this lady: Helplessness, Low Self Esteem, Panic, Shock, Hopelessness, Abandonment, Guilt, Grief. After an hour of finding and releasing her blockages, my client felt much stronger, positive and almost happy. The anxiousness turned into lighthearted adventurism; she wanted to show how happy she was now about her son’s wedding and her own freedom.

After the celebration she rang and told me how nice it was chatting to her ex, and she was so proud to show everybody how relaxed she now feels talking to him and even demonstrating better self-esteem.

– Susanne Brutscher, CECP (New Zealand)

This testimonial was originally published in Susanne Brutscher’s Practitioner Spotlight.

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