Many skeptics will try to tell you that energy work results are due solely to the placebo effect. If you think it will work, then it will. If that was the case, then how do you explain the great results The Emotion Code has on animals?

I am a dog trainer. Maggie the golden retriever was one of my agility students for several years. She took private lessons because she was so reactive with other dogs. Her dedicated owner walked her either VERY early in the morning or late at night, so they wouldn’t be likely to run into any other dogs. In the 30-minute drive to my house for class, Maggie barked nearly non-stop. When I first learned The Emotion Code,  I volunteered to do sessions for Maggie so I could see the results first-hand.

First I addressed the barking in the car. While it took two or three sessions, her owner reported that Maggie stopped barking non-stop and would only bark if she saw another dog. She even laid down a few times – a first!

Then we tackled the reactiveness, I decided that a before and after video would be perfect for those who have to “see it to believe it.”  In the first video, I let one of my dogs out in a pen and Maggie just went nuts, and she wasn’t anywhere near my dog. While it took about a half dozen Emotion Code sessions for Maggie, and a couple for her person (who at this point tensed and reacted herself when she saw other dogs) we were ready for the test. We used the same dog in the same spot, and this time Maggie barely paid attention to the other dog. And on the occasions she did, her owner was able to quickly get her attention back, even when we moved Maggie a lot closer than we had on the initial test.

In all honesty, I’m not sure that I would have believed it, had I not seen it myself! Her owner later emailed a picture of Maggie with a new doggie friend. Wow!

– Linda Desmarais, CECP

This testimonial was originally published in Linda Desmarais’ Practitioner Spotlight.
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