I first heard about Cardio Miracle on LDS Living. My initial reaction was skeptical, but in desperation for anything to improve my heart health, I ordered a 30-day supply. After all, what could I loose? There was a 90-day warranty of a full refund if I was not satisfied with the product’s performance.
At the time of ordering Cardio Miracle, my heart function was significantly impaired as the result of a major heart attack and triple bypass surgery some 12 years ago and gradual progressive Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) since. Following my last episode of CHF some 15 months ago, my heart function had significantly declined, such that time on my feet was limited to about 15 minutes at a time and a total of about 45 minutes a day. I could walk about 1/4 mile or about 440 steps before needing to rest but my total steps could not exceed ½ mile or 880 steps in a day without consequence. I know because experience had proven that if these limits were exceeded, it might take days, weeks, or even longer for my heart to recover.
After 30 days of taking Cardio Miracle, the results were less than hoped for and I called the 800 number to arrange for a refund. John Hewlett, the founder of Cardio Miracle, answered the phone personally as it was after hours in Utah and his staff was unavailable. In the course of our conversation, John seemed genuinely interested in me and my medical history. He expressed surprise that I had not experienced more benefit from the product and offered me a full refund. In an expression of great confidence in Cardio Miracle, he invited me not to give up on the product so quickly and invited me not only to complete the 90-day challenge but to increase my daily dosage, again promising that if I was not completely satisfied, he would refund my total investment.
In just 3 weeks since increasing my daily dosage, I can’t believe the improvement in my heart function. My heart stamina has at least doubled. I can be on my feet for 30 or 40 minutes at a time before needing to sit down and over 90 minutes total in a day. I can walk a ½ mile at a time and the number of steps I can take in a day has increased to over a mile or 1800 steps. I say “at least doubled” because so far, I have not experienced a setback from my increased daily activity. After a good night’s rest, my heart seems ready for another day. Objectively, my resting pulse has dropped from of 75 BPM to around 60 BPM and after exercise, my heart rate returns much quicker to a resting state.
My current heart capacity may not seem like much, but to me, the marked improvement in so short a time is a “Cardio Miracle.” Especially after 15 months of little, if any, sustained improvement on medications. My wife has expressed over and over that I am a different person and what we are experiencing is a “miracle.” Our quality of life has improved so much. The added time on my feet means more time with my family and I can help so much more with grocery shopping, meal preparation and household tasks. I have been able to attend the entire 3-hour block of church services on Sunday and I can go to the temple. I have even hit a large bucket of balls at the driving range and I have hope of one day being able to play golf again, a pastime from which I take great pleasure.
My heart is damaged and I will always have limitations, but thanks to Cardio Miracle those limitations are becoming significantly less, my capacity to enjoy life is increasing daily and my hopes for the future are optimistic, instead of fearful. Thanks so much, John.

~Michael Farthing

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