Hi my name is Suzanne Hickey. I am super excited to share the results of working with a Body Code practitioner Peg Sutherland. I’ve had three sessions over the past month and have had beautiful results.

I am a massage therapist and yoga teacher and have Reiki practitioner degree. I am familiar with energy healing and have been a long time meditator. I know first hand about the unified field of consciousness underlying everything. So this work is not too far from my understanding but…it is precise and immediate.

In my last session I cleared a Heart-Wall and healed a tear in my spirit heart. My life and who I am has shifted dramatically and I feel so much love flowing to and from me to myself and others. It’s a beautful experience. I wasn’t really prepared to write a testimonial, so it’s a little general, but I just have a safety around love both being loved and sharing love. That is truly a blessing.

I will be learning and practicing with these systems and include The Body Code in my practice.

Thank you.

Suzanne ~ Falmouth, MA

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