When I was a teenager, at the time that many people have huge dreams for their futures, I realized, that beneath any surface desire to do anything or to be anything particular or spectacular, I had really come to the earth just to love others. It was, however, not an easy thing for me to accomplish.

I pined for years, and wondered why I was fearful of opening my heart when my desire was elemental and I worked at it with lots of energy. I was able to actively and visibly love some people who made it close enough to me, or were my students or their parents, but the unconditional outpouring that I craved escaped me, and I kept most people at a distance.

Earlier this year, when I read about Jean Nelson’s Heart-Wall in The Emotion Code book, I had a big “Aha” moment. That was also me! I have since become certified in The Emotion Code, and have helped several people remove their Heart-Walls. The first one was my own! What a beautiful difference it has made to me. I am much more closely connected to those around me, and people respond to me differently. I am not on the periphery any more, and I am no longer conscious of myself in groups, I am just being in the group. What a relief to quell that noisy negative voice that resonated for so long. I am forever grateful!

Kathe ~ Vic, BC, Canada

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