“Using the Emotion Code® I have successfully released one or two trapped emotions from my Heart-Wall. Prior to this, I had a lot of trouble feeling any sort of sadness. I have always been happy, however, when things happened in my life that would make most other people feel sadness, I simply wouldn’t feel sad. I have almost gone a decade without crying. I didn’t think this affected me very much because I always took pride in being a robot that could only feel happiness, but after releasing emotions from my Heart-Wall, I can finally feel more sensitive to things.

By releasing trapped emotions on myself I have noticed massive improvements in my anxiousness and shoulder discomfort levels. I have been dealing with feelings of anxiousness for years now and after releasing emotions connected to this anxiousness, I have been feeling much more calm and in control. Furthermore, I had a shoulder issue that was preventing me from lifting weights, one of my passions. After releasing emotions connected to my left shoulder, I was able to work out for the first time in over six months!”

~Nicholas L., USA

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