My life was very heavy due to the loss of two children, my mother, father, a sister, and my in-laws. Life felt insupportable. My introduction to The Emotion Code was quite by accident. It was my husband that saw the value of the sessions. After experiencing several sessions, I’m entertaining three trips in the next 6 months. This is amazing since I have not been able to travel or be separated from loved ones at home since the death of the second son in January of 2005. My adult children are thrilled as this new freedom will allow me to travel. I can go to South Carolina for one son’s wedding next January and to California to visit a daughter who is stationed there. My husband and my children are just plum amazed that I’m able to travel once again, thanks to The Emotion Code! I cannot imagine the miracles that I will get to experience with continued use and understanding of this amazing tool.

~Susie Adams