I would like to share this incredible story about a client who came to me primarily for Heart-Wall elimination. After I released a few emotions from her Heart-Wall she stopped me and asked, “Can this work also help with getting rid of a ganglion cyst?”

It was not visible until she swept back her hair and turned to show me what was a mandarin-sized cyst that was under her left ear. She shared with me how painful it was for her. It was affecting her hearing as well as her sight. She was constantly in pain. I asked if she had seen a doctor and what he/she thought the prognosis would be. She said that indeed she had seen a doctor and even had a biopsy and that it was benign but the doctor wanted her to come back in two weeks to check again and if nothing had improved she would need surgery.

With the rest of the session we worked on it and then also at the next session which was a week later. At the third session she told me that she had no more pain and the cyst had actually shrunk by 80%. As a matter of fact, it was barely visible.

This work is such a blessing for both the healers and the healed. Thank you Dr. Brad for your beautiful contribution to this world and for the joy it has brought to so many.

Angela Hanna, CECP, CBCP (Quebec, Canada)