I was introduced to The Emotion Code and The Body Code in 2011. I embraced this incredible healing modality. I have healed from many physical and emotional issues using these tools. During my journey I learned that I am an empath and feel/”carry” others’ physical and emotional pain.

Traditionally December has been a very difficult month for me. Sometimes I would even say “I hate Christmas.” This past Christmas I learned that other family members shared this same sentiment. I recognized many deep generational issues that could be cleared. I also identified that I was “carrying” many trapped emotions for other people about the holiday season.

I became more aware of what I was feeling. When I suddenly felt trapped emotions, such as fear or dread, I would ask myself, “What reason do I have to feel this way?” I recognized that most often there was NO reason for me to feel that certain emotion. I was feeling someone else’s emotions. I was able to clear these emotions after identifying this information.

By clearing the generational issues and the trapped emotions I carried, I became free. Free to really enjoy Christmas for the first time that I can even remember. This was the best gift that I was given for Christmas.

~ Tara B.

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