“I am a Certified Emotion Code® Practitioner. I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for my family when I received a call from my friend who lives in Pakistan. He told me that there was a goat pregnant with two babies and for the last two nights she had been standing because the legs of one of the babies went into her udder. She had been suffering immensely. The local expert-man advised my friend to slaughter the pregnant goat as she would die anyway since there was no veterinary doctor available in the area. My friend asked me to try and help the goat using The Emotion Code.
I released some trapped emotions and felt that she would deliver the kids in two hours with no difficulty so I told him. It was 11:00 pm in Pakistan and by 1:00 am she delivered two baby girls with ease. Thanks to Dr. Brad Nelson for The Emotion Code and The Body Code!”

~Jawaid Iqbal, UK

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