We all know how important asking the right question is to get answers from our subconscious so we can clear blockages with the Body Code. I like Natalie’s analogy in the Establishing Boundaries webinar about how our subconscious mind is like Google, and depending on what words we use to “search” or ask questions will depend on what comes up. Just changing one word can reveal more or different blockages to clear. I’d like to share a neat experience I had by just asking questions in a different way and how a problem of 45 years was significantly reduced.

A friend of mine has had a tremor in her hands for years (she is 57 years now) and it was becoming more noticeable and she was getting more self-conscious about it. We had worked on it before a bit but it still was an issue. She had been in an abusive relationship years ago and thought maybe that was why. I told her we could ask her subconscious when this tremor started. We discovered it was from when she was 12 years old. She couldn’t remember anything significant that happened. So I asked her subconscious if someone had done something to her or if it was something she had seen happen. It was the later. Still nothing came to her memory. So again, I asked if it was something real, on TV, or something she had read. The answer was something she’d seen on TV. She said she barely watched TV when she was little but suddenly she remembered how on some movies, “That lion would roar loudly at the beginning of movies,” (MGM Studios) that terrified her!! (And still kind of did!) I asked her subconscious if that’s what it was and sure enough, that was it!!! Of course there were Trapped Emotions and emotional resonances to clear around “That lion,” (and a few other creepy, crawly critters while we were at it.) The tremor in her hands is remarkably reduced. Some days she doesn’t notice that she even has it at all. We will continue to use The Body Code to clear it completely eventually.

So, sometimes we can get a different, “Google search,” result if we ask specifically WHEN an issue started, was it real, imagined, a dream, something we read, heard or something we saw happen. All of these things can cause trauma and/or Trapped Emotions that can wreak havoc on us for years to come. It’s so remarkable how all the answers are right there… if we just ask the right questions.

Corina ~ Alberta, CA

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