“After a friend of mine introduced me to The Emotion Code®, I knew that I needed to schedule a session for my 5-year-old son, He had extreme emotional and behavior distress. Doctors wanted to put him on medication, but I didn’t want to go down that route because I have always known that his outbursts were due to charged emotional upset.

After his first Emotion Code session, we could see and feel the energy being lifted off of him. It was incredible, and not only that, whatever was cleared from him was also cleared from me! I found myself calmer and happier, with zero anger. I felt so much love for my little man. He and I are both highly intuitive and sensitive people, and at just 5 years old, he said he could feel the difference in his energy field and asked when he could have more trapped emotions released. He and I have entered a beautiful phase in our personal and spiritual growth journeys and are bonding more together than we ever have. The energy work of The Emotion Code is so needed in this world!”

~Kayla Bowman, USA

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