I’ve been in pain since about November. First it was knee pain from a fallen arch. Every step I took was very painful. I had my arch taped up for six weeks before I could walk with diminished pain. Next came a sciatic pain that put me in bed for ten days. When I finally could get out of bed, I went to a chiropractor three times a week. When I could get around better, I went to the eye doctor because my eyes were blurry. I was told I had a rash in both eyes. I had to take my contacts out for two weeks and put eyedrops in four times daily. I prayed and asked the Lord to please help. My answer was “You agreed to go through this and it will be to your benefit.”

Today I listened to Dr Brad on a seminar and realized this was the answer to my prayer. I had to go through all the pain to make me pick up the Body Code. I had prayed before I bought The Body Code a while back and the Lord said “Get it!” I bought it and it sits on my desk looking pretty, but unopened.

I had learned how to use hypnosis and the Lord gave me the gift of healing. I have helped numerous people this way. I thought using The Body Code was a step backwards. I know the Lord wants me to learn The Body Code to help people. It doesn’t pay to try and out-guess the Lord. I will now learn and use The Body Code.

– Peggy Greener (Idaho, USA)