Here is a beautiful testimonial from a client I worked on. We did a Heart-Wall Elimination:

“I want you to know how grateful I am for your work. My sister is very aware of The Emotion Code and The Body Code work and was thrilled that I was going to have a session with you. Some time after the Heart-Wall Clearing I had a phone conversation with her and she asked how I was, and what has been the results/changes. I told her I didn’t have any big changes… And then it hit me!!! I was no longer experiencing heart palpitations, dysrhythmia, elephant foot on the chest, panic attacks and more. They just did not happen any more. This has been huge, and I share your work often in my sessions.
Thank you for the wonderful energy work you do.”
– Nikki L

Angela Hanna CECP,CBCP, D.PSc in Kirkland, Quebec Canada