In my first session with a new client, a gentleman who had suffered a heavy heart all his life, burdened with the pain and damage of negative self-perception, energies and emotions, we had the clear directive from his subconscious to begin to clear his Heart-Wall. He still sounded so low at the end of the session that I was amazed to receive this message from him afterward. It is long, but that only heightens the impact of what 30 minutes can do to help someone heal and reclaim their life and power. Imagine the magic and miracles when the entire Heart-Wall is released! He wants to share his story in hope that it will resonate with someone out there in the Universe and help them in some way.

* * * “Changes have been GREAT!!!!! Initially there was the feeling of great quiet and melancholy that ran through me that first day. Then it was a feeling like a great weight had been lifted off me. Since then I have endeavored to start cleaning up my “house” so to speak. There have been many positive changes and work applied towards releasing of concerns that had been blocking my way. This work continues still. One particular story I wanted to share with you was of my clearing the clutter of my living space. A small back story first…I moved back in with my parents about 6 years ago coming out of a bad break-up with the woman I had been dating for about four years. We had purchased her parents’ house together after her dad had passed away because her mother could not afford the house payments. We had decided to renovate it and I was the one doing the work. It was a massive renovation; I had completely gutted roughly half of the house, literally removed a segment of the roof, removed walls, and gutted the kitchen and master bath. It was an enormous amount of work. We were about a third of the way into it when I caught her cheating on me. I was utterly devastated to say the least. Long story shortened, I moved back in with my parents, lost an enormous chunk of money from the investment in the house and my credit was shot because the decision was made to stop making payments on the house. So I stuffed my life’s belongings into a 10’x12′ bedroom in my parents’ house and took a chunk of their garage for whatever didn’t fit into the room and began to rebuild my life.

I decided, soon after all of this, that I wanted to finish getting my college degree. Once that was completed I started chasing after a management position with the retailer for whom I work. I got the position and everything else in my life began to fade. Every other aspect of my life took a back seat to the job. I had lost my work/life balance. And as the years progressed the stress and imbalance only grew and was reflected in my living space and everywhere throughout my life.

The week after our initial session I felt a strong urge to begin clearing other portions of my life that had become so cluttered and blocked. I was granted the opportunity through a combined windfall of days off from work and my parents being away simultaneously so I decided to begin the clearing out process with my bedroom. It was a massive undertaking. Initially I was just going to clean the room out a little, but as soon as I started in I felt the need to do a complete reset. I had 75′ of book shelves hung on virtually every open space of wall. Two homemade desks, workout equipment, a home-made four-poster bed built with a work space in it when I flipped the mattress up for working on my creative projects. There was literally only enough room to walk into the room and sit down at the bed. I am DEFINITELY NOT a hoarder or pack-rat type of person at all, but trying to stuff a lifetime into one room leaves very little space for much else. Once I had cleared the room out entirely and cleaned it with an initial cleaning, a friend of mine had suggested I should get a smudge stick and clear out the negative energy as well. I had no idea what a smudge stick was but looked it up and then asked another friend of mine if she had one I could borrow. She did not, but suggested using rattles instead. I thought it very strange, but hey, I was open to the idea. I really wanted a clean palette to work from. As it happens, my mother has a small rain-stick and an American Indian rattle that she keeps more as ornaments than anything else. I picked these two objects up and started. I held the rattle up in front of my eyes horizontally, and shook the rain-stick in a vertical motion in front of my body. I started at the door and moved around the room in a counter-clockwise direction while facing the walls. As I turned the corner from the third wall to the fourth wall, I was suddenly overtaken by goose bumps and shivers. By the time I reached the door, I was crying hard and chanting/yelling loudly. The goose bumps and shivers had become so pronounced it was like they had taken over my body entirely. I was shaking the rain-stick as hard and fast as I could. When I finished, I nearly fell over with exhaustion. There was SOOOO much negative energy in this room; it was absolutely astounding to me. I firmly believe that the work you and I did to clear away the initial heart wall allowed me to do what I did in this room. It allowed me to feel what I needed to feel to clear away the negative energy the way that I did. Thank you for your help regarding this, Catherine. Thank you so very much.”

~ Catherine Frenzel, CBCP