A few months ago, my 9 year old daughter started acting out suddenly. After a couple days of her negative behavior, I tested to see if we could clear something for her. It came up as a Heart-Wall. I was really struggling to figure out what it was made of. It tested positive for metal, wood, plant, fabric, etc. Suddenly I realized what she had created her Heart-Wall out of; it was an entire house! She even had a spider plant in it like the one in our living room.

I had been away from the home more than usual due to other obligations. My daughter had felt “Abandoned, Unworthy, and Worthless,” while I was gone so much. She had felt worried that I was gone and would not come back. She loves to play “house” and usually feels safe in our home. Since I couldn’t be there, she did what she thought was the next best thing and created her own little house/Heart-Wall. This was the cutest Heart-Wall I have ever encountered. The funny thing is that it was just like her to create a house since she does that so much in her playtime. After we cleared the trapped emotions, she was once again my pleasant little girl.

Tara Little Bear ~ Emmett, ID