Recently, I started working with a female, 48 years young, very sweet, sensitive, easily hurt, she is like a loving angel. She has developed Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, chronic dry cough, plus insomnia, headaches, dizziness, digestive disorders, and right shoulder pain.

We found a 126 feet Heart-Wall, made of transparent Rose quartz (as I found after, she actually sells crystals.)

After removing a lot of toxicity through The Body Code, which was part of underlying cause for her Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, I was finally able to access her Heart-Wall.

At first there was very little progress, with only 1/4th of a foot to 1 foot on each removed Trapped Emotion… And then on the third appointment, we got a breakthrough

30 feet were removed from her Heart-Wall. It was Dread in 25th year of her life, linked to her getting married to an abusive man, from whom she divorced last year, after having twin boys and many years of unhappiness.

Results were spectacular. Even though this was only 1/5th portion of the Heart-Wall, it was so obviously a very significant portion of it.

After about 10 days later, she called me with excitement that between Friday and Saturday she got 6 new invitations for a date. One of them turned out to be an incredibly powerful match for her, fulfilling all of the 47 things written by her characteristics list of “What Do I Want in a Man?” She immediately started intensely dating him (6 hours first conversation by phone, then about 100 texting messages, mixed with more phone calls and physical presence almost daily now for the second week). Interestingly, she never coughs in his presence, which is very unusual for her. Also the tiredness is more manageable now. She is very excited and happy about this relationship.

This is just like in a romantic movie love story. If it would not be my own client, I would just gasp with hope, but at the same time with a note of disbelief. Thank you, Dr Brad Nelson, for sharing this new modality of energy healing with the world.

Chaya Lara Vartikovskaia ~ Miami Beach, FL

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