My mom, who is 70 years old, started to show dementia-like symptoms and was experiencing mild hallucinations in early spring of last year. She has a list of medical conditions (insomnia, high blood pressure, irregular heart beat, to name a few). Doctors prescribed a variety of medications to ease her severe stomachache last year, each one being a stronger medicine with greater side effects. Lastly, her doctor prescribed a strong medication to calm her mind and the symptoms finally stopped but that medication didn’t seem to be helping her dementia-like symptoms. In fact, they escalated dramatically. My family and I didn’t know what to do. Should we get her to stop the medication? What if her severe stomach pain come back? My father, sisters and I were so worried about her and quite distraught about her sudden change. I felt especially helpless because I left Japan and could not help from afar. All I could do was research her symptoms and her medications, and make suggestions. Her dementia-like behavior was getting worse. She started to ask the same questions repeatedly, her responses were so slow and unclear. She was acting as though she’d aged 30 years within a few months.

That’s when I happened to read The Emotion Code. I started to apply Emotion Code healing on her as soon as I got the idea. Her 4.5 km(2.8 M) thick Heart-Wall and more than 200 trapped emotions were removed within a couple months. My Dad, who had been taking care of her, could not believe the changes he started to see in her. She was communicating just like she used to, she started to be able to sleep without any medication (which she’d been taking for more than 15 years), and she had no more stomachache. Her responses became as quick and witty as before, and her hallucinations were gone.

She gained her health and her smile back! My dad thanked me uncountable times and said, “My loving Seiko has come back! Whatever healing you did for your mom, it worked and it’s amazing!” He was so impressed and amazed by The Emotion Code that he’s been encouraging me to become a certified practitioner and help others. So has my mom. 🙂

When my sister saw the changes my mom went through, she asked me to work on her back pain. After 2 or 3 sessions, she called me and said she didn’t need to rest to ease her back pain, even after working on her feet for hours.

She also asked me to work on my 8 year-old nephew who had been suffering from asthma since he was a baby. After releasing about 30 trapped emotions, he called me and said he can breathe well and he stopped taking the asthma medication. I can’t forget his happy voice saying, “Thank you, Auntie, I can breathe now!”

My nephew from my other sister used to get headaches,  quite often, especially when he was physically fatigued. When I finished releasing 10 trapped emotions from him, he was in Tokyo Disneyland and he was quite tired from a long and fun day. He was amazed at the end of the day, saying to his mother, “Wow, I have no headache! Must be because of Auntie’s magic!”

I worked on my sister for her upper back pain, my husband for his back pain and stomach discomfort, my first child Amelia’s chest pain, my second child Natalia’s food sensitivities, my third child Justin’s ankle pain and stomachache, my last child Nea and so on….

It’s been amazing. ….I can’t thank you enough.

~Mie T.