Last night my daughter called in tears. Her dog was walking / wobbling in circles, head near the floor, tongue nearly touching the ground, panting, drooling, and disoriented—and had been that way for nearly an hour. They live way out in the desert in Arizona and have no way to get to a vet and no money. All she knows is she did put out ant poison (there are tarantulas, scorpions, black widows, etc.). “Can you do anything?”

I had her pet the dog– my body proxy-tested weak as she touched the left ear and all connected to the rib cage. I started yawning until my jaw almost popped and continued to yawn the entire session. The Mind Maps took me to to “Toxicity”—pesticides and herbicides. Ant poison tested strong, no Underlying Causes.

“Can I release this energy?” Yes, so I did the magnet thing. I am telling the truth, it wasn’t twenty seconds until Vicky started screaming: “MOM, MOM! She walked over and is drinking! Mom, she didn’t wobble!”

Ear area now tested strong, so I continued to herbicides. Her friend broke in: “Would biting that toad do it?”

I asked the body. The toad had been exposed to herbicides. No Underlying Causes, so I did three swipes with the magnet. Rib cage area now tested strong but I decided to see if there was any reason this dog is determined to get herself into dangerous or unsafe situations (she eats and chews and sticks her nose into EVERYTHING and won’t listen to “Get out!” or “No!”).

I was taken to “Addictive Heart Energy,” which meant I had to release a Heart-wall also. Was taken to “Panic,” “Shock,” and “Unworthy.”

At that point my daughter related that her neighbor had a yard full of wolf dogs and this was the runt of a litter that had been attacked and abandoned. When she saw the neighbor throw it over the fence to die, she took it home and spent the next two weeks doing all she could to keep it alive.

I was still doing those releases when Vicky interrupted: “MOM! She got done drinking and walked over to her bed normally! No panting, drooling or anything! Her head wasn’t dragging the ground. She curled up and has gone to sleep.”

I got a text the next morning: “She slept all night and is up and at ’em this morning.”

– Sharon Doerr