“I had a Heart-Wall and was able to release it when I started working with The Emotion Code. It took me about 5 sessions to clear it. I had to laugh when I discovered the material it was made of was ice, 42′ of it! My ex-husband used to call me the “Ice Queen.” Once I cleared the Heart-Wall, I immediately felt better. I felt like I could breathe, like I could actually take a deeper breath of air from my lungs. It was as if a weight had been lifted off of me. It was an amazing feeling! I have felt much lighter and more joyful since!

I still ask myself daily if I have a Heart-Wall or a hidden one. After I cleared the Heart-Wall, a hidden Heart-Wall surfaced a couple of days later, which I was able to clear in one session. It was much smaller by comparison. I can’t thank you all enough for this method. I have suffered with depression several times in my life, and no medication has ever come close to helping me feel as light and happy as I do now.”
~ Carrie L.