“I have a cute success story about a Siamese cat named Pinkerton who had been abused and abandoned. He was rescued and brought to his current owner’s house by one of her other cats. She said it took her about a year to earn Pinkerton’s trust and coax him to come into the house. However, Pinkerton was terrified of her husband and would bolt from the room at the sound of his voice or when he made any sort of movement.

I did one Emotion Code® session with Pinkerton and completely removed his Heart-Wall, which included trapped emotions like panic, terror and abandonment. Within a month of his session, Pinkerton had become fast friends with the husband, following him around the house, and even “talking” to him as Siamese are wont to do. He’s also now playing with the other cats, and as the owner told me, “He’s now totally confident in just being Pinkerton”.

I love this work!!”

~CJ Hathaway, USA

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