I have a friend that has a ranch with 37 horses, about 30 miles east of where I live. We e-mail several times a day, and one evening she sent an e-mail that she had an emergency with one of her mares. Belle had colic, which I wasn’t really familiar with in a horse, but my friend said she’d be offline the rest of the evening, as she needed to take care of Belle, and probably all day the next day, as she would either be catching up with work, or burying a horse. That certainly got my attention!

I quickly responded, in hopes of catching her still on the computer, and asked the horse’s name and age. She knew why I was asking, as she’s familiar with The Emotion Code, so responded with that information, and a little more about the situation. From what she wrote, I came up with 6 issues to muscle test on, and all of them were indicating Trapped Emotions, which I later learned made total sense, as Belle had been my friend’s stepson’s horse, and he hadn’t paid much attention to her the last year he was living there. Belle had been having colic ever since.

I went to work, and about 40 minutes later, I absolutely knew that the horse was OK. It was a “knowing” that I had never experienced before. I was hoping my friend would e-mail me again that evening, but whether she did or not, I knew that Belle was going to make it. About 20 minutes later, the e-mail came that Belle was resting comfortably. That was around 9 PM, and by midnight, she was up eating hay.

I learned more about colic in a horse the next day. Apparently, the horse is in such pain that it will keep rolling over, and ultimately twist its gut, which is life threatening.

While I was doing The Emotion Code, Belle’s owner was shooting her full of pain killers and probiotics, and also using mineral oil. Just out of curiosity, I muscle tested whether The Emotion Code, and/or the pain killers, etc., had resolved the situation. The answer was that The Emotion Code contributed 2/3 and the normal remedies contributed 1/3, but that she would not have survived without both!

So I was already in awe that I had been able to help with such a serious situation, but I was totally on Cloud 9, when I realized I had contributed tremendously to saving the life of a horse!

What can I say? The Emotion Code is awesome!

Barb Tharp, CECP ~ Colorado Springs, CO

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