January 2015: The world as my husband and I knew it ended. Within a matter of weeks, I was hospitalized. I was so sick that I had to have help with basic self-care. The business had to be closed. We were self-employed. In a short time we lost our business, our livelihood, and my health. In the hospital, I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis and told that I would always have to take medicine. Reluctantly, I accepted that.

When I got home, I started researching this condition called MG. It did not take long before I realized that I did not respond to treatment like other people. I began to doubt that I had MG. As taking the medicine was the only way I could swallow food, I had to keep taking it. Then, someone told me about a integrative doctor, and I went to see her. I was very sick that first few visits. Right away, she recognized symptoms of Lyme disease. She started treatment. Within a week, I started improving. The Lyme infection had exhausted my adrenals which explained so much.

When I got a chance to look over my newly received Body Code information, I worked with it with my hospital blood work results in hands. I had so many indicators of malnutrition. I knew that although I did not eat enough calories, I did make healthy food choices. In that time of testing against the blood work facts, I found that I had spiritual malnutrition. Suddenly, so much made sense to me. Poor appetite and undereating had been a pattern.

It has been a year now. I have made wonderful progress. I have progressed from not being able to eat, talk, walk, shower, or fix my hair myself. I praise God for the Body Code information and for the integrative medical doctor who helps many people with Lyme. I am off all medicine except bio-idential cortisol…a minimum dose, while she uses herbs to rebuild my adrenals.

I almost died in the hospital a year ago, the end of January. I am grateful for the MG diagnosis that saved my life. I am grateful that another doctor understood it was a symptom of underlying infection. On the front end of all of this, my daughter brought me to their home in Georgia… from Tennessee. The timing of all of this has made me see again that even before we called, God has answered.

Dr. Nelson, you, too, are a part of His answer for me in this experience. Thank you!

– Linda L. (Georgia, USA)