I recently worked with a retired Unity minister on her hearing loss that she suspected was the result of childhood trauma. Here is her testimonial after only three EC sessions, and after the fourth one we cleared the emotions trapped as a result of her childhood trauma! – Betsy Lambert, CECP

Here is her story:

I have had major hearing challenges most of my life, becoming aware of the inability to hear a conversation in a crowd in my early teens. I wear two hearing aids now, and even so the ability to comprehend highs and lows in conversation, let alone a sermon or even a movie, has been difficult. I felt a shift the very first time that I experienced Betsy Lambert’s Emotion Code work in a group demonstration event. Her assurance was that, yes that can happen but it might not last. It did last for a couple of days, which was enough that I knew this work held some answers for me.

I set up a series of sessions with Betsy, and, as a therapist/minister myself, I was pleased with sessions one and two, knowing that hearing challenges are complex. In viewing a British-made series on TV, I had been using TV Ears to catch subtle language changes, soft voices, etc. until after we had our third session. It was with genuine surprise that I discovered I did not need the TV Ears (though I had subtitles displayed anyway) – and that improvement has lasted. We were watching another DVD of this series last night, and once more I didn’t have to resort to TV Ears!

I am now observing my behaviors around other people, how often I ask them to repeat, and listening for a cell phone. I felt this shift worthy of reporting to you and Betsy, because hearing loss is indeed complicated. I know enough to recognize that much of mine occurred after listening to discussions or comments as a little girl that scared or offended me. I do not think people realize how much trauma we undergo as children even in the best of environments. I did not come from a typical dysfunctional home, no use of foul language, etc., yet I still had some traumatic events that affected me.

I am very impressed with Betsy’s work, sensitivity and listening skills. May all of you know success to the utmost.


Colleen B.