“The greatest moments I experienced within my own energy healing journey with The Emotion Code® were during my nineteenth and twentieth sessions. In my late teens and early twenties, I had incurred a few devastating blows from my first real relationship. Some call the connection we had a “Narcissist/Codependent Empath” relationship. I was the codependent and completely lost myself in his life and needs until I was unceremoniously discarded and replaced. I was left a broken, empty shell, and for almost the next decade, I had been trying to bounce back.

When I found an energy healing practitioner, I had been so tired of the narcissist guy’s name and so ashamed that he had dominated my life for so long, I initially didn’t address the relationship directly in my sessions. I just hoped he would be swept out with everything else. But I had felt his presence ever since we had broken up, and as even I improved, his presence got stronger and stronger. It’s like I was channeling him and it felt so tangible. I finally brought it up in an Emotion Code session. The practitioner then explained to me not only that there were trapped emotions to release, but that there were six energetic cords from him to me that needed to be cut. She told me that he and I had done this dance back and forth for a long time, but that it was all finally over… I had a healthy release-cry about it, cleared those trapped emotions, and cut the cords. The next morning, for the first time in almost ten years, I woke up and didn’t feel like he was looking over my shoulder and judging me anymore. I felt safe. I was finally free.”

~Paige F., USA

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