My grandma is a hard woman. She had to work all the time in her childhood. After marriage, she was often beaten by an alcoholic husband and ended up raising four children by herself. When she finally retired, her eldest son was killed and she carried the burden of raising four grand-daughters for the eldest son. Because of this, she was filled with resentment, hysteria, panic, sadness, and self-abuse. She had Bipolar Disorder, she had no control over her emotions and was often angry, self-harming, or hurting people who were close to her with offensive words. I learned about “The Emotion Code,” and she became curious about what I was doing for my sister and asked me to help her (even though she didn’t know what I was doing). After several times of releasing imbalances, she changed to a cheerful disposition, loved life, and was no longer melancholy. Her mouth was no longer evil, and she finally began to feel loved. I was very moved to see all of these changes and the happiness from the bottom of her heart. My grandma, who has been working hard all her life, finally enjoys her old age. Thanks to “The Emotion Code” I finally found my grandmother.

~Wan-Chu C.