I had been wanting to help people with their health for 28 years. I tried to do so through diet, through essential oils, and by learning a few other other healing methods. Nothing really felt like “the answer.” I first saw The Emotion Code book at a thrift store in December of 2017. I picked it up, looked it over, was intrigued, but I put it back on the shelf to think about it. A few minutes later, my adult son walked over to me and handed me the book and said, “I think you would like this book, Mom.” I knew then that that book was meant to go home with me! I read it rapidly and was so excited by the things I read.

At the time, I had my son and his family living with me. I wanted to experiment with The Emotion Code and so I asked my daughter-in-law if I could try it on her five-week-old baby, who had had a runny, stuffy nose since birth. She easily agreed, as she had been exposed to energy work before. I tested my granddaughter, found a trapped emotion that she had picked up from her father at birth, and I released it. The next day, her runny nose was gone and it never came back! That was when I knew that I had found the method of healing that I had been looking for all these years!

~E. M. T.