“My own experience with The Emotion Code® started this spring with my first session. The Emotion Code practitioner said the first emotion that needed to be released was worry. This 1000 percent resonated with me! I never really thought of it as an emotion that was causing me issues, but when Peter said worry, I instantly realized how worry was controlling my life.

Worry had prevented me from enjoying life, from living my life! It had taken over my life, and I constantly worried about what could happen. I had worried about the world, war, the environment, refugees, my health, my loved ones, money, you name it! Without me knowing, it had become all consuming. Turns out that the worry came from when I was in my mom’s womb. My mom was full of worry of what was going to happen. She was in an extremely abusive relationship with my father, and already had two daughters, and wanted to leave, but felt she couldn’t escape.

The moment Peter released the worry, I instantly felt lighter, like 10,000 pounds had been lifted off me. I could finally breathe, and finally start living. I love using the Emotion Code to clear anxiousness. It helps me every single time!”

~Penny B., Canada

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