For the last several years I have struggled with exhaustion. The first part of August I came down with pneumonia. It was a light case, but recovery took nearly two months and I still didn’t have the strength to resume my normal activities. During my illness, I worked with The Body Code on different issues and took advantage of the time I was home-bound to explore areas of my life I discovered as I broke through blocks. Though I didn’t see much improvement in my physical condition, I am grateful for the emotional healing that took place.

As the time for [The Ultimate Health, Wealth and Relationship Retreat] approached, I didn’t know if I would have the stamina to attend. My immune function started at only 8%. I was so thankful when it reached 17% and this was high enough to enable me to fly to Nevada for the event.

We learned so much with each of the presentations. It helped me to be more knowledgeable and comfortable with the system. I loved the practice times, when I got hands-on experience and the opportunity to break through my own blocks. I was especially pleased when the topic of immunity came up, and thrilled when we worked on our own immune systems and a muscle test showed that mine had raised to 25%.

Later we explored the topic of abundance. I found this was a generational issue and was gratified to be able to release the blocks to abundance on ten generations of my mother’s maternal line. But what I found on my father’s line astounded me. It went back forty generations. (and yes, I counted them again to be certain of the number. Father’s father’s mother’s father’s father, and back thirty-five more generations.)

I think of the pattern of scarcity from both sides of my family and the great privilege and honor to change that energy to abundance. My heart feels warm and open and deeply grateful that I could be part of this healing. And when I consider the posterity, all of the descendants of those ancestors, my finite mind cannot comprehend the number! Even so, I feel it flowing to me in a great flood of healing.

The first day, I was able to attend the event, but when my husband, Larry, and I returned to our room, I needed to rest before I could even eat dinner. I was just glad to have the strength to be in the classes. It was a lot more than I had been able to do at home prior to the retreat. After the abundance balance, Larry asked me to test my level of immunity and found it had risen from 25% to 73%. Wow! What a blessing! It seemed a little strange to me that abundance could affect my immune system. The saying, “Anything can cause anything” certainly applied here.

Three days later I tested at 86%. It’s not that I have a burst of super-human energy, but just the stamina to live and go about my activities without feeling on the verge of collapse. I am grateful to have the tools I am learning in The Body Code. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the healing for myself and for my family.

PS: The percentage has continued to rise. Six days after the retreat, I tested at 87%.

– Jessie E. Turner (Oregon, USA)