“I recently went with my friend Donna to Phoenix, AZ for a conference and met her sister Rhonda. Rhonda had two beautiful dogs. I don’t have animals, so it took a little getting used to. She mentioned to me that her female dog, Desi, was very clingy to her male dog, Jesse, always wanting his attention. Desi had many allergy issues and had to be on a special diet and seemed to have a weak stomach. I had been practicing the Emotion Code® with people, but had not practiced on an animal. I mentioned maybe I could try working on her dogs. She thought it was a great idea.

“My friend Donna and I use essential oils, and Donna has a Zyto scanner she uses with her clients. This device is used in conducting bio-surveys in a human body using a series of steps in a process known as bio-communication. In essence, it asks questions of the body and records the responses in the form of signals it receives. It can give results on system stressors such as mental and emotional, detoxification, gastrointestinal, hormone/endocrine, diet and nutrition, hydration, inflammation, sleep, and toxicity. For each stressor, it suggests an essential oil or supplement that would be best in addressing the issue.

“So, Donna and I decided we were going to do a little test. Donna did a Zyto scan on Desi. The emotions that came up as the highest stressors were blame and complacency. I then did the Emotion Code on Desi and released any emotions that were contributing to blame and complacency, and then worked on her Heart-Wall®. When I finished, we went back and did another Zyto scan. The results were amazing! The blame and complacency that Desi had experienced were no longer there. It was amazing to see that what I was doing with the Emotion Code was really making a difference.

“We later met with a couple that was coming over to learn more about essential oils. Jason was very much a skeptic of oils and if they could help. We were so amazed by the results we had with Desi, that we explained what we had experienced. We performed a Zyto scan on Jason and his main emotional stressor was ashamed. I asked permission to try doing the Emotion Code on him too and he accepted. I released a trapped emotion contributing to his ashamed emotion and another inherited emotion. We went back and did another Zyto scan, and the ashamed emotion he had earlier was no longer there. He was very surprised by the results. The couple messaged us a two days later and mentioned that Jason was usually up all night and he normally had a hard time sleeping. Now they had to get an alarm clock because he slept through the night two nights in a row since I had done the Emotion Code with him.

“I believed in the Emotion Code and what it can do, but the Zyto scanner completely validated what the Emotion Code can do on a whole other level. We were all very impressed!”

~Lisa Marie C., Colorado, USA

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