Dear Dr Brad,

I’ve known The Body Code and The Emotion Code for several months and for me it is one of the most powerful tools ever. I use it on me and my family successfully.

Nevertheless, for all my life I’m suffering from a heavy fear of loss. Sometimes I’m doing better, sometimes it takes all my breath, is overwhelming and crippling. It always feels as if something comes over me and I can not control it anymore.

Of course I used to work on it with The Emotion Code but the healing did not last, or maybe I just got rid of some layers but not of all of them.

Last Thursday, I had the luck to be picked by Dr Brad during the 90 Minutes for Your Complete Healing Solution webinar, and I promised to share my story and what changed/happened since then:

Dr Brad worked on my fear. Instantly I felt happy and excited. But I was not sure if it came from The Body Code work or just from the unexpected gift of being picked as a volunteer! 🙂

Well, the light and happy feeling has lasted since then. Sometimes I think that I’m about to fall into the well known emotions of fear and anxiety. But I do not and that is amazing! Maybe, I’m just so much used to these negative feelings that I have to learn now from the beginning how to cope without them.

Thank you so much, Dr Brad, for The Emotion Code and The Body Code and for all your help!

Best regards,

~ Nadia H.

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