“When I was halfway through The Emotion Code® book, I already knew that this was something I was meant to learn and use to help as many people and animals as possible. I had not even tried it myself but I somehow already knew.

After using The Emotion Code for a few days on myself, a friend, and my partner, I had to see if I could help another friend who had been dealing with a distressing feeling in her hip for a very long time. She had tried various methods to deal with the intensity and seen many different types of practitioners, but nothing seemed to help. She was open to trying this out, so I guided her through a conversation with her subconscious over the phone and helped her clear a few trapped emotions. She called me the very next day quite emotional and told me, “Sunnefa, I haven’t allowed myself to say this out loud all day out of fear of jinxing it, but the intense agony in my hip that had been there for fifty years, is gone!! I cannot believe it!”

I am so happy and grateful to have found this amazing effective energy healing method and cannot wait to help countless people release trapped emotions and feel better! Everywhere I go I see people suffering and constantly catch myself thinking that I may be able to help them. I need to learn everything there is to learn about this method so I CAN help them. :)”

~Sunnefa Palsdottir, Iceland

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