My whole life has transformed. Truth has been revealed on levels I couldn’t imagine, but because I have The Emotion Code “tool,” I  can now work out the pain.

I live my life listening to my clear intuition and I can feel to heal. I give my power to no one. I’ve taken my power back! Before I was introduced to energy healing, I suppressed my feelings. My past was consumed by lies and because I had no truth in my life from my parents, I began using substances & negative emotions to numb my feelings. Now with The Emotion Code I’m able to experience the parts of my life that I wasn’t capable of facing before.

It’s a comfort to me to know I can connect to my higher being and transform on a daily basis. The blessings do come and my goal is to see life’s positive reality versus the negative that I lived for way too long! Releasing Heart-Walls is my specialty and the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, but worth every bit of knowledge I’ve learned.

I assure you and leave with you my testimonial that the true power of healing starts with a foundation of faith in something bigger. If you don’t have a higher power get one! It’s assuring to me that I can help others as well as myself. I no longer have fears that I can’t work out.

– Karyn (Idaho, USA)