A woman, age 38, was suicidal and a cutter. She described herself as being in a “very dark place.” Within 5 weeks of Emotion Code work, she was happy, working full-time once again, and could not believe what we had accomplished when years of therapy and a forced hospitalization hadn’t helped very much. Three months later she is still doing great!

Another woman, age 29, had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and rated her pain at level 7. We released 12 trapped emotions. Her pain level went to a 5. After 2 more sessions, she rated her pain level a 2 on the worst days and at zero most days.

A third woman, age 38 had been in constant pain for years in her shoulder and knee. Her pain level was always at a 4 or more. We released 9 trapped emotions. Her knee no longer hurts at all. The shoulder pain went down to “a dull discomfort, but no longer horrible.”

~Meredith Brubaker