Christopher, age 22 months… His father brought him to me to see if Christopher had any trapped emotions. His Heart-Wall was a three inch, colorful bubble, keeping his lil heart safe. A stinking adorable bubble! When they came into my home, Christopher wouldn’t look at me, talk to me, or even make eye contact. He was also glued to his dad. We were able to remove the entire heart wall in that one session. We found out that most of his trapped emotions stemmed from his birth, and the ordeal that this precious lil boy had to endure, while he was “trapped” in the NICU, due to health complications. By the end of the session, he was off of his father’s lap, laughing, running around the room, and bringing me toys that he thought were fun. With tears in his father’s eyes, he thanked me for clearing the heart wall bubble. Later, his father contacted me, telling me of the new boy that they have in their home. He is adventurous, fun loving and not quite so glued to his parents.

Shayley, age 25… Shayley came to me with a very large, very strong heart wall. As we figured it out, we realized that her wall was made of adamantium. She giggled as she told me of her love for Wolverine, from X-Men. Ahhhhh…that made a lot of sense. We were able to clear her heart wall in three sessions. The last few remaining emotions were generational, and stemmed from the pre-existance. Shayley has told me that since she has removed her heart wall, she has been able to remove twenty five plus pounds and has been a different manager at work. Before the heart was was cleared, the employees walked all over her, and now they show her the respect she deserves. The restaurant runs more smoothly, and she feels lighter, no pun intended, and ready to take on the world.

Jaynie, age 58… She came to me with pain in her shoulder blades. We were able to work on that, and while we were clearing some trapped emotions, she felt like a rubber band had snapped, and the pain was eradicated! That was a first for me, so really amazing!

Kristy, age 38… She came to me a hot mess. Her home life took a turn for disaster, as her teenage son had to be hospitalized, and then put in a place to help him. She was letting all of the negative emotions seep into her, as she was trying to protect her two little girls from this new trial in their life. She was anxious, worried and had headaches constantly, not to mention other ailments. We have had quite a few appointments, where we have been able to clear a ton of trapped emotions. She can go to counseling with her son, and not be affected by him, or the things he says. He has also shown improvements, due to her self control. She doesn’t react the way he has been use to. Their relationship is improving, and it has been a joy to see this amazing transformation!

~Wendy J Williams