“For as long as memory serves, I have sought answers to behavioral problems that I secretly grappled with which had left me frustrated, confused and hopeless. Fortunately, my girlfriend persisted in her introduction of The Emotion Code with me. Although I was initially reluctant, I’m now in the process of removing trapped emotions that have created my Heart-Wall.

Going through this has been a very interesting yet surprising experience. I have been shedding layer after layer of what I now understand to be self-constructed barriers that were built to protect me from people I perceived were dangerous & the unsafe environments of Planet Earth.

As the Heart-Wall is getting demolished, I’ve improved in my ability to interact with others. I’m so much less argumentative. I’m more sensitive to the needs of other people. I’m brighter and more alert. I’m more fun-loving. Life is worth living again, thanks to this exciting new movement! I really want to help others benefit the way that I have.”