I am a midwife working in France around the Paris area. I am also a therapist and have been doing the Emotional Freedom Technique and The Body Code for around 4-5 months, and have had some great results, but nothing like the one that I had last Friday!

I did a delivery at home for a second time mum. The pushing stage was a bit difficult, but she managed to deliver a baby boy. His heart rate was fine but he was a bit blue and had difficulty breathing and he looked troubled. I did the normal procedures — massaging his lungs, calling his name, giving Rescue Remedy to his fontanelle and his breathing was better — but still demanding a lot of effort. Strangely, he looked sad. I asked God to help me out and I just knew I needed to test him for a trapped emotion.

I found that there was sadness in his lungs which got trapped at 6 months during the pregnancy. I released the emotion and he immediately took a big sigh, pinked up and nestled down against his mum. The cord stopped beating so I cut it, and delivered the placenta without a problem! Afterwards it was amazing to see his little face so peaceful, pink and asleep against his mum! I asked his Mum if she knew what the sadness had been, and she replied there had been a lot of sadness during her pregnancy especially around 6 months.

I was blown away by the magnificence of God and the efficiency of The Emotion Code. Thank you so, so much Dr Bradley Nelson, from the bottom of my heart.

Pamela Igwe ~ Chatou, France