It is because of my own experience with The Emotion Code that I am now becoming certified to help others. I’m very active and healthy, yet a couple of years ago, my low back began to bother me. I was confused by the pain because I am so very healthy and active. At the time was only doing yoga, which typically will not cause low back pain… It helps it!

The pain became so severe, I could barely get out of bed in the morning. I would get an adjustment or a massage or do yoga and find relief for an hour or so and would be back in severe pain again. I was desperate! I remembered my sister telling me about her friend who did emotional releasing. I asked about her and learned she had moved away but was told she just read this book and learned on her own. I immediately purchased the kindle version of The Emotion Code and began reading. I was so impressed with the stories of healing!

I admit, I jumped ahead to learn how to release trapped emotions because I was so ready to be done with this pain. Once I learned how to release on myself, I went to work. Within just a couple of sessions, my pain was relieved significantly, so much so that I felt back to normal. It was a miracle! There was still some lingering pain, not nearly as severe, yet there were also several emotions to be cleared. I made this part of my daily ritual. I would wake in the morning, say my morning prayers and clear some emotions. I did this for several months, clearing deep-set emotions from several years before.

Clearing with this method, along with sincere prayer and forgiveness has changed my life. I have been able to release several Heart-Walls which has opened my heart to a greater capacity to love others, and perhaps most importantly to love myself. This is something I’ve never been able to do in 37 years! I am a huge believer of this work and am now becoming certified to help others find the relief and healing that I have found. It’s a huge blessing in my life!

~Leyah Valgardson