I discovered The Emotion Code in February 2018. After reading the book I started practicing on myself using the Sway Test. When I tested for the Heart-Wall, I was able to find one made of sand. I suspected I had one because I always felt a pain on my chest, especially when I tried to inhale deeply. The first time, I released 7 emotions. After that I felt lighter, as if a weight had been lifted from my chest. I remember I got very tired after releasing 5 or 6 trapped emotions, so I had to do a few sessions before I finally got rid of it. On the last day, the last emotion I found was inherited abandonment from my mom. While I was releasing it, I suddenly felt very sad and emotional. I thought of my mom and my sons and I couldn’t stop crying for a long time.

After this experience I decided to attend a workshop with Dr. Susanne Hufnagel in Munich, Germany, a few months later. At that time, the pain on my chest had returned and I thought I had not been successful releasing the Heart-Wall. During the workshop I was fortunate to have Dr. Susanne’s friend checking and releasing my Heart-Wall. She found and released 3 trapped emotions and a few minutes later my pain was gone. I was extremely grateful!

Then in December, I attended Dr. Bradley Nelson’s workshop in Basel, Switzerland, and once again a Heart-Wall was found and released. During the workshop I met a student practitioner, Dianne who was doing the certification program for the Body Code. She still needed a couple of people to work with, so I offered to be one of them. During our third session, again another Heart-Wall was found and released. This was the fourth Heart-Wall found since I first began using the Emotion Code because two times there was a hidden one as well. I asked Dianne if she could find out what was causing my Heart-Wall to rebuild again and again. She was able to find a psychic trauma made of 3 trapped emotions: sadness, shock and worthless.

Dianne released it and since then the Heart-Wall has not returned. I feel a lot lighter on my chest and happier overall, but more important, I feel a stronger connection with people, especially with my sons. My sons and I always had a strong connection but it feels different now, as if some barrier between us has been removed. The other thing I notice is that I feel at peace with myself. I was always afraid I would finish my days alone and lonely but that fear is completely gone now.