I found Dr. Bradley Nelson and The Emotion Code in 2010 on Darius Barazandeh’s show, “You Wealth Revolution.” It literally changed not only my life but the course of my life. I have been an energy healer since the late 90’s but since then had much heartache in my 20’s—losing my dear Grandfather and a few really bad boyfriend and fiancé breakups. My heart was buried, even though I ended up getting my dream wedding and marrying a loving man, and had the daughter I always dreamed of having. My upbringing was an extremely volatile one, but my grandparents’ home was always my solace. True love lived there. I was lucky for that.

So back to 2010 and my discovery of The Emotion Code. My daughter was four at this point and my health  had deteriorated after my amazing pregnancy and labor. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis, was totally depressed with loads of anger and fatigue, and my dream marriage and family was suffering. How could I be so buried in all this mess of emotion, yet be living my dreams??? I was such a deeply spiritual person, but my emotions and actions were not reflecting this at all. I was living a lie.

So…..I was so BEYOND EXCITED to find The Emotion Code that I bought the book and got a session with a woman I now truly consider my mentor. She cleared my Heart-Wall and a bunch of my hormones relating to Trapped Emotions. I have had to clear my Heart-Wall more than once and I am still healing my thyroid, but I will get to the root—I just know it!

I feel that much of my throat issues came from generations of female shame and being put down as women. I love working with women to heal this issue and I love how much it has helped my friends and family. I have had tons of success clearing my own ancestral lineage and this is, by far, my favorite part of the work. I can’t even imagine what my life would be like if I never found Dr. Brad and this healing modality. I am so grateful! Thank you! And thank you God, and Dr. Brad for listening so well. My prayers were answered and now without fear I have started my business and have my website. After buying The Body Code after my Dad’s unexpected passing last year, my life and true calling has finally taken off.

Oh and I almost forgot—I used to be full of fear and worry! One day, after years of doing clearings on myself, I realized I am not hooked into fear anymore, and someone even said to me, “Ivy, you are off the Matrix.” LOL! So I urge anyone and everyone to not walk, but RUN to an Emotion Code Practitioner or Body Code Practitioner, if not for this reason only. Talk about FREEDOM!

– Ivy Levinson (New York, USA)