“My life has completely transformed since I began releasing my Heart-Wall. Over the past 12 months I have gone from being chronically sad and anxious, to blossoming into who I have always known I could be; a confident, happy and connected person, who understands the contribution I can be to myself and the world. I now have a level of self-love and self-confidence that I never dreamed was possible. I have always been courageous, and now I recognize it for the first time. I now have strong and close relationships with my friends and family – the kind that I have always yearned for. I have always been someone who was there for others, always wanting to help – now I feel I have the constant energy to truly help by inspiring others to see their true self-worth, guiding them to heal their own wounds and to support them through whatever they are dealing with. I feel my life is just beginning at 35 and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about what is to come. I still have a Heart-Wall, but my intuition tells me there are only a few layers left to release.”

~Talya Garrett, AU

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