“My favorite story is about Bromley. While using The Emotion Code® with my friend Vickie, her Golden Retriever dog pushed between us. Bromley was an abused rescue dog. When asked if he wanted us to work on him, he sat down. Previously, when the front door was opened, Bromley would dart out and run down the street, so we worked on this issue. In the session, Bromley released 4 trapped emotions that were causing this behavior. When he was finished, he walked away and lay down in his bed. After the release, he never again darted out the door. He would walk out, sit in the garage, and wait for Vickie.

When I traveled to Edmonton, Canada, I demonstrated using The Emotion Code to Norman. I had my hand on his shoulder when we did the magnet swipe. Norman felt an electrical zap though his entire arm and shoulder, and I felt the zap shoot through my hand to my shoulder too!”

~Patricia Lee Johnson, USA

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