My friend has a 4-year-old boy. They said he was “born grumpy.” The boy didn’t smile, always had a frown, was not happy, was barely speaking, and had regular nose bleeds every 2 weeks for the majority of his life. This boy truly looked like life was a burden for him. They’ve seen a few specialists over the years but found nothing was wrong with him physically.

I had a strong feeling he would benefit from Applied Kinesiology. Through muscle testing, I found that he wanted The Emotion Code. I explained to my friend that I’d read The Emotion Code book and how much it assists in healing. Since her little boy’s issues were emotional and mental, I asked if she wanted me to give it a go. I explained that I’m not certified yet but she was a friend and I wanted to help. It seemed that there was only positive experience to be gained.

In a less than a week’s time, the boy was smiling, playing with other children, was happy and talkative. He has only had 1 bleed in 3 weeks. It has been more than 3 months now and there has been no bleed whatsoever. The boy loves his life ….and that makes my heart sing. Miracle? I do believe in miracles and The Emotion Code is one of them!

~Marketa Richardson