After The Body Code seminar in Utah in July of 2013, I received The Body Code 2.0 and since then used it here and there with clients, friends, myself. It seemed to take me on long journeys that didn’t make too much sense to me. I continued to use it when I wanted to go deeper into causes of pain or persistent symptoms, but initially I had decided not to do the certification program.

Well the Divine seems to have found a way to push me forward. I opened to the idea of offering three free sessions to anyone who qualified and who would commit to the sessions necessary for the certification. In two days I had six phone calls. Four of those qualified and the rest is history. One of those people found me on HealersLibrary and referred me to six others.

I am now a Certified Body Code Practitioner. Thank you, Dr Brad. I see miracles happen every day that I work in happier and healthier persons. Such a gift!

– Norah Brown, Certified Body Code Practitioner (British Columbia, Canada)